Bainbridge College

Technical Certificate of Credit:  Child Development Associate I

The CDA I certificate is designed to meet the training needs of persons already working in the field of early child care and education.  Persons enrolling in this program must have completed a minimum of 480 hours of work in the field with young children.  This program is designed to provide the minimum formal training in early child care and education competencies, knowledge, skills and techniques required to apply for a CDA credential from the Council for Early Childhood Recognition in Washington, D.C.  The CDA credential is not issued by the technical college and must be applied for and paid for separate from this program.  However, this program is approved to provide the needed training to attain this credential.  Once achieved, this credential is recognized nationally by Head Start and in Georgia for working Pre-K programs and in many other public and private early care and education settings. 



 Program course requirements



Ms. Valley Rogers (vrogers)
Mr. John McRae (john.mcrae)  

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