Learning Support

Bainbridge College offers a Learning Support Program designed primarily to assist freshmen students who may find themselves without mastery of certain fundamental skills necessary to make appropriate progress in regular college degree and certificate programs. However, these courses are also open to any student who may feel the need for additional preparation in a specific subject area. No degree credit is earned in Learning Support courses, but institutional credit is awarded.


Placement: Students whose scores on required placement tests do not meet University System and institutional requirements in English, reading, and mathematics must enroll in all or part (depending on scores) of the Learning Support Program during their first semester of attendance.

Students who did not elect to take the college preparatory curriculum in high school and who have not attended school within the last five years prior to enrollment may be required to take Learning Support courses based upon their placement examination scores.


Voluntary Students: Students who are not required to take Learning Support courses in a discipline area may elect to enroll in Learning Support courses in the non-required area for institutional credit or on an audit basis. Such students are limited to a maximum of three attempts in each area but are exempted from mandated exit criteria.


Registration:  During each semester of enrollment, a Learning Support student must first register for all required Learning Support courses before being allowed to register for college-level classes, including classes used to satisfy CPC deficiencies. This policy applies to full-time and part-time students. Exceptions (only as allowed by the Board of Regents) must be documented with written approval from the Chair of Learning Support.

Prerequisites for College-Level Classes: Students must exit or exempt Learning Support reading as a prerequisite for social, natural, and physical science courses; students must exit or exempt Learning Support English and reading as prerequisites for college-level English. Students must exit or exempt Learning Support mathematics as a prerequisite for physics and chemistry. Any course with a prerequisite of college-level mathematics would also require exit or exemption from Learning Support mathematics. In addition, Learning Support students may not enroll in online classes numbered 1000 and above. For a list of specific course prerequisites, check with the Learning Support Division.

20-Hour Rule: A student may not accumulate more than 20 semester hours of degree credit before finishing Learning Support courses. A student who accumulates 20 semester degree credit hours and has not successfully completed required Learning Support courses must enroll only in Learning Support courses until all requirements are successfully completed. In order to exit Learning Support courses, students must satisfy the college's requirements for each prescribed course. Transfer students and certificate students later gaining admittance to a degree program may earn up to 20 additional hours of college-level credit before being required to take Learning Support courses only.

Withdrawal: Students with Learning Support requirements who are enrolled in both Learning Support courses and credit courses may not withdraw from the required Learning Support courses with a "W" unless they also withdraw from credit courses. Any student required to take Learning Support courses will be withdrawn from his or her college-level courses with a grade of “W” if he or she withdraws or is withdrawn from a Learning Support course before the mid-point of the semester.


Learning Support Exit: Students with Learning Support requirements must take required courses in sequence. To exit a Learning Support area, students must have at least a C average in the exit-level class and meet all exit requirements, which include a passing score on the COMPASS exam. Learning Support English also requires a passing evaluation on an exit-writing sample as a precondition to taking the COMPASS as an exit test. Any Learning Support student who does not earn a "C" or better in a required Learning Support course must repeat that course.


Learning Support Suspension: Learning Support students have three attempts to exit each discipline area, no matter where they place. Students who do not exit a Learning Support area (English, reading or mathematics) in three attempts are suspended from all degree programs at Regents’ institutions for three years. All grades except W count as an attempt, and attempts accumulate within Regents’ institutions. That is, attempts at Bainbridge College are added to the attempts from other Regents’ institutions if the student has not been out of school for at least three years.


Learning Support Appeal: A Learning Support student who has had three attempts and has not exited may be allowed to appeal for two additional attempts under specific circumstances:

During the semester of the first additional attempt, the student may enroll in courses other than Learning Support (subject to the 20-hour limit on the number of credit hours a student may earn before exiting Learning Support.) If granted the appeal for the second additional course, the student may enroll in only the Learning Support course.


Students with learning disabilities, acquired brain impairment, or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder may petition for a maximum of two additional semesters of Learning Support. Students with visual, hearing, or motor impairment also may be granted up to two additional semesters of Learning Support.


Readmission after Suspension: Students admitted to Bainbridge College after completing a 3-year suspension from any University System of Georgia institution will be retested for placement (in any unsatisfied Learning Support area) and placed without a Learning Support requirement if they meet the institutional criteria for exemption. Students who do not exempt on the retest may be admitted to Bainbridge College for up to three additional attempts per Learning Support area. Students admitted under this provision are subject to the 20-hour limit on college-level coursework and may not take credit work if they have earned 20 credit hours during their previous period(s) of enrollment.


Students suspended from the institution without completing Learning Support requirements may not be exempted from the Learning Support course requirements through transfer of course credit from a non-University System college unless they have 30 hours of college level transfer credit, including credit for the college-level class in the area of suspension.