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COMPASS Exit Exam: Guidelines for Learning Support Students

Learning Support

Learning Support Transfer Students

     Bainbridge College will honor the grades made by transfer students in Learning Support courses at all colleges in the University System of Georgia. If a student has satisfactorily completed one or more of the three areas at another college, that student will not be required to take the appropriate Learning Support course at Bainbridge College. If a student transfers prior to completing Learning Support requirements at another system unit, he/she will be placed in Learning Support courses according to Bainbridge College's placement requirements for a beginning degree-seeking student.

Other Transfer Students:

     Applicants who have fewer than 30 semester hours from other institutions that are transferable to Bainbridge College must complete all the requirements for freshman admissions (Take the SAT/ACT and/or the COMPASS).  The transfer student, or advanced standing, classification is for individuals who have previously enrolled in one or more other institutions of higher education but who now wish to attend Bainbridge College. To be admitted, the transfer student must:

1. Complete a Bainbridge College Application for Admission.

2. Provide complete transcripts. Applicant must have completed a minimum of 20 semester credit hours that are transferable to Bainbridge College.

3. Transfer students who previously attended a non-University System of Georgia institution must also submit a high school transcript for evaluation of the College Preparatory Curriculum. (Applicable only to students who graduated from high school after 1987.)

4. Submit required test scores. Students transferring from institutions that do not require admissions testing may be required to take the SAT and/or the COMPASS.

5. Submit required Certificate of Immunization form.

Learning Support Transient Students

     If a sending institution indicates that the student needs a Learning Support course and that they approve of the students taking the course at Bainbridge College, the transient student will be enrolled in the appropriate Learning Support course.